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What good would it be if we stocked a massive range of wargame miniatures, plastic model kits and model buildings & scenery if we didn't sell all the model paints and modelling tools you need to put you model and miniture together and finish it in style?

The Gamers Guild stocks all the model paints, detail brushes and modelling tools to build and paint your model, terrain or army. We also have a range of accessories for keeping your paints and tools tidy as well as boxes to keep your wargame minitures safe. If you're looking for something in particular and can't find it then please contact us and we'll find it for you.

Price Buy
Foul Green 25  17ml of Foul Green acrylic paint by Vallejo.   45005  £ 2.25
Ghost Grey 46  17ml of Ghost Grey acrylic paint by Vallejo.   59280  £ 2.25
Goblin Green 30  17ml of Goblin Green acrylic paint by Vallejo.   41313  £ 2.25
Gold Yellow 07  17ml of Gold Yellow acrylic paint by Vallejo.   57085  £ 2.25
Green Earth: Vallejo Pigments      63638  £ 3.00
Gretchin Green  12ml of Gretchin Green from the Games Workshop range of Citadel Foundation Paints.   35386  £ 2.25
Hammered Copper 59  17ml of Hammered Copper acrylic paint by Vallejo.   8427  £ 2.25
Hot Orange 09      58029  £ 2.25
Iyanden Darksun  12ml of Iyanden Darksun from the Games Workshop range of Citadel Foundation Paints.   74653  £ 2.25
Magic Blue 21  17ml of Magic Blue acrylic paint by Vallejo.   16426  £ 2.25
Necron Abyss  12ml of Necron Abyss from the Games Workshop range of Citadel Foundation Paints.   74908  £ 2.25
Pacific Blue: Vallejo Water Effects      17070  £ 8.00
Pale Flesh 03  17ml ofPale Flesh acrylic paint by Vallejo.   28640  £ 2.25
Plague Brown 39  17ml of Plague Brown acrylic paint by Vallejo.   18336  £ 2.25
Polished Gold 55  17ml of Polished Gold acrylic paint by Vallejo.   46276  £ 2.25
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