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Reaper Miniatures :

At The Gamers Guild we stock a wide selection of miniature fantasy figures produced by Reaper Miniatures. The two main ranges by Reaper Miniatures we stock are the 'Dark Heaven Legends' and 'Warlord' series.

Reaper Miniatures have been producing these high quality fantasy miniatures since 1992, casting designs by the fantasy miniature masters including Sandra Garrity, Bobby Jackson, Werner Klocke, Bob Olley, Gael Goumon, Bob Ridolfi and the other artists who sculpt for Reaper Miniatures. Reaper Miniatures are perfect for Legend of the Five Rings and Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) role playing game campaigns as main characters, beasts, dungeon crawlers and generally things that go 'bump' in the night.

Please take some time to look through our range and if the miniature figure you're looking for is not here please contact us and we will sheck if it's still available to have it 'cast to order' for you.

Please note: All of the Reaper Miniatures will require painting & some assembly. Paints and glue are sold seperately.

Brother Vincent 02803 1 in Stock
Click to Enlarge 78210

Brother Vincent brings forth his doctrine with faith, hope and a spiked mace! A great Reaper Miniature by Sandra Garrity, the stuff of Legends.

Age Group
   Age 14 £ 3.00
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Maria Roseblade 02645 1 in Stock
Click to Enlarge 49959

Maria Roseblade, a detailed fighter wearing a detailed figure hugging armoured outfit and thigh high boots. She comes brandishing a sword and dagger to ward off prying eyes. Sandra Garrity, we salute you!

Age Group
   Age 14 £ 3.00
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Midori, Female Monk 02511 1 in Stock
Click to Enlarge 38065

Bless those who trespass against us? Not in the case of Midori, the female monk who is hurtling towards you with her sword raised high and clothes blowing in the breeze. Sandra Garrity has really captured the motion in this fantastic piece from the Dark Heaven Legends series.

Age Group
   Age 14 £ 3.00
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