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They are coming! I feel them scratching inside my mind, scratching, screaming, running, so many - so, so many voices. They're coming for us - flesh, body and soul!

The Gamers Guild always try to keep a full selection of Tyranid models by Games Workshop. If there is something you wish to buy which is not listed here please contact us and we will order it in for you..

Tyranid Broodlord 1 in Stock
Click to Enlarge 4637

Save 10% on Games Workshop RRP!
The Broodlord is an alternative to HQ choice and is perfect for leading hordes of smaller Tyranids. This blister contains a single Tyranid Broodlord model.

Age Group
   8+ £ 9.00
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Tyranid Warriors 1 in Stock
Click to Enlarge 32454

Save 10% on Games Workshop RRP!
Tyranid Warriors are amongst the most important Tyranids on the battlefield. Not only are they large and powerful fighters but they also fulfil a pivotal role, acting as psychic resonators, amplifying the psychic bond with the hive mind. This box contains three Tyranid warriors with weapon options and enough parts to build a Ripper swarm base.

Age Group
   8+ £ 18.00
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