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Worldwide D&D Day 2009, Saturday 21st March 2009

Worldwide D&D Day 2009Adventurers Wanted for the Worldwide D&D Day 2009 at The Gamers Guild! Bring you friends and join other fans in the worldwide celebration of the launch of Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook II for D&D 4th Edition.

Regardless of whether you’re a veteran dice-slinger or just giving D&D a try, we’ll have everything you need to enjoy a full day of adventure, combat, trivia, and more. And, everyone who takes a turn at the table will get to take home their pre-generated Character Sheet, and an exclusive alternate pre-painted D&D miniature of their pre-generated character.

One Dark Night in Weeping Briar
A stormy night, an empty town, and a small girl who holds the key to the strange dissappearances. Can you in the band of five adventurers solve the mystery? Dive into the Players Handbook II with your 11th level character and see first hand the Players Handbook II with new races such as the gnome and new classes like the invoker and barbarian.

10% Off for pre-paid orders before worldwide D&D DayLimited Places - Book Today!
The Gamers Guild is going all out this worldwide D&D Day with mutiple tables and goodies, however due to space we still have limited places so you will need to pre- book yourself a slot prior to the day by either calling 01737 789123 or you can pop down to the shop to register. D&D day ’08 will kick-off at 1.00pm and will last until 5pm. Places cost £3.00 per player which includes tea, coffee and four hours of Dungeons & Dragons action with some friendly GMs.

10% Off Players Handbook II
By taking part on the day you will have the opportunity to purchase your 4th Edition Players Handbook II at 10% off the RRP! To avoid disappointment why not pre-pay for your Players Handbook II beforehand? You will still receive 10% off the RRP but we will ensure you get a copy rather than chancing the stock level on the day. To pre-order your Players Handbook II pop in to our store or call 01737 789123.

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